Why Amsterdam

In the 90’s, when surgery came out of the industrial era into the computer era, there was a wave of new skills centres. Now the next era of virtualization and robotics is arriving and therefore Amsterdam has build the skills centre of the future.

First of all, the city of Amsterdam is one of the best location’s in the world for an international skills centre. Most importantly, the dutch medical teaching system is unique and world-renowned for its high standards.

Secondly, airport Schiphol is a huge international business-hub, with 322 direct destinations and 60 million passengers yearly. An Uber or taxi takes you in 10-15 minutes to the ASC. This combination of a large airport and short travel time is a unique experience for your clients.


Thirdly, Amsterdam is a truly multilingual city, with English even registered as an official language of the city. As an international business centre (with a history of the first multinational company, first bank and first stock), it offers guests a diverse array of world-class entertainment, as for centuries it has been one of the leading centres of culture in Europe. High-quality culture spread across 65 theatres and concert halls, 42 museums and over 140 galleries.

Last but not least, Amsterdam has a long and intriguing history with surgeons and anatomy, as seen in the centre of Amsterdam in The Waag monument, where hundreds of years ago surgeons (‘het chirurgijnengilde’) build an amphitheatre with in the centre a dissection table for anatomical lectures. Rembrandt painted his famous ‘Anatomical Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp’ here in 1632.