Project Description

11 December 2021

Rods&Cones and Amsterdam Skills Centre Sign Partnership Agreement

Amsterdam, NL – Rods&Cones, a leading technology supplier of remote access solutions to operating rooms (OR), and the Amsterdam Skills Centre (ASC) – a renowned surgical education and training institution – have signed a partnership agreement. The ASC will incorporate Rods&Cones’ service into its online offering to enhance its virtual education experience. The ASC, one of Europe’s most advanced surgical training centres, is equipped with the latest technology of its premium partner, Stryker. The ASC provides training and education to healthcare professionals from all around the world from its base in Amsterdam.

The addition of Rods&Cones’ service will mean it’s now possible for the ASC to provide professional education remotely – fulfilling their high standards by offering a full view of the OR online to a wider audience.Prof. Dr. Jaap Bonjer, Chair and Professor of Surgery at the Amsterdam UMC and CEO of the ASC explains: “Thanks to Rods&Cones’ smart glasses – the ‘visOR’ – our trainees can now have the same view as the teaching surgeon. ”The visOR incorporates a 4K camera which provides an excellent view of the operating field. Thanks to a mic and a speaker, the remote attendee can communicate with the surgeon via audio, chat or webcam.

In addition, Rods&Cones’ mirrOR technology allows the surgical staff to connect any video source that is used in a session – such as a laparoscope or an x-ray monitor, for instance – to the online view. Together, visOR and mirrOR – plus a remote-controlled webcam, the panOR – provide a birds-eye view of the Operating Room, giving the person attending remotely the same insight into the procedure as if they were standing in the OR in person.

Thanks to Rods&Cones’ highly intuitive user interface, the remote viewer can control the session with a few clicks from the comfort of their home. For group training and education, a webinOR session can be created to invite a large audience to assist a class remotely. “The Rods&Cones service is a fantastic addition to our offering; adding great value to our high-standard educational programs, enhancing the virtual aspects and providing an even wider choice to the medical professionals attending our courses,” said Prof. Dr. Bonjer. Bruno Dheedene, CEO and founder of Rods&Cones added:

“We are proud and honoured to be working with one of the world’s most prestigious surgical education and training institutions. Our service provides an efficient and highly scalable solution to increase their audience.“The combination of an excellent education program with a robust and very easy-to-use platform for remote education and collaboration will make a huge difference to its customers – giving them access to more tools and content, and providing a deeper learning experience.”