Project Description


Amsterdam UMC, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Heelkunde and Amsterdam Skills Centre



1 Day

The CASH Colon is a multidisciplinary national course designed for surgical residents and theater nurses, focusing on the training of laparoscopic right and left colectomy procedures. This hands-on course places great emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, communication, and surgical simulation. Participants are provided with step-by-step instruction using state-of-the-art medical equipment, covering both laparoscopic right colectomy and laparoscopic left colectomy techniques.

During the course, technical skills such as bimanual dexterity, depth perception, and hand-eye coordination are honed, alongside procedural skills like safe tissue manipulation and intracorporeal intestinal anastomosis. Participants practice these essential skills in a multidisciplinary setting within a safe simulation environment before applying their acquired skills in the operating room.

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