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Amsterdam UMC

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1 Days
The Advanced Suturing Course (ASC) is offered to AIOS’s Surgery, Gynecology and Urology who have already mastered the basic skills of laparoscopy. The course offers the possibility to improve the so-called ‘dexterity’ with the use of exercise boxes animal material.
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In this course we practice on models and animal material. An important part is devoted to the laparoscopic suturing technique. This technique will be practiced in a laparoscopy training boxes.

Students will be given the box with the laparoscopic instruments at the end of the course for 6-8 weeks to further develop their skills at home. After 8 weeks there is an evaluation day where progress is measured and skills can be corrected if necessary.

Dates and Location
Amsterdam Skills Centre: 31 May and 12 July 2021


The course price is Euro 950,- (Euro 975,- in 2021) for two course days including the use of the practice box with laparoscopic instruments for 6 weeks.


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Target audience

The Practical laparoscopic skills training is intended for surgeons, gynecologists and urologists in training.


The aim of the course is to practically teach the advanced surgical techniques related to the knotting, stitching and application of anastomses in both open and laparoscopic surgery. In addition, attention is paid to the various adhesive materials and needles.

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